Gunilla's debut album, released in 2009.

Original music for voice, jazztrio and stringquartet - modern contemporary jazz with musical landscapes from the most devout beautiful to more blunt or brusque expressions.

The music of A Time For Everything reflects upon the feeling that, on the one hand, you have to do everything at once and preferably as quickly as possible, and on the other, the insight that you have to let things take the time they need and that you can’t rush or force things in a direction that is not intended at the moment – there is a time for everything.

Gunilla Törnfeldt – voc/lyrics/comp/arr
Adam Forkelid – piano
Pär-Ola Landin – double bass
Gustav Nahlin – drums
Caroline Valdemarsson – violin
Hanna Ekström – violin
Ida Nyman – viola
Cecilia Linné – cello


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